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travel in cambodia

for your travel in Cambodia several means of transport are possible

First of all, the tuk tuk, ideal for getting around the city with your family. it also allows you to take the time to enjoy the scenery and see different monument during your trip. the price depends on the trip, but it is mostly a story of negotiation with the driver of the tuk tuk. namely a good negotiation will be more easily with the permanent smile during negotiation. it is quite possible and even advise to rent a tuk tuk for the day sightseeing why? it is simple to understand a day or has about $ 15 for about 8 hours. namely that you have all chances to spend 3 to $ 5 every time you go to hire a tuk tuk for the day in your various trips imagined then when you go to visit different places in the same city how you come back travel by tuk tuk. it is more interesting to rent a tuk tuk day when you know you’ll do a lot of different routes for your visits.

travel in Cambodia

there are also taxis, but more expensive than the tuk tuk and bus. their low price went from $ 10 to $ 35, and without leaving the city. namely that upon arrival at the airport in Siem Reap there are no tuk tuk in the same enciente airport so it requires you to take a taxi counted about $ 10 for the path of the airport to your hotel in siem Reap city center and also phnom penh you‘re unlikely to see a tuk tuk, but also the advantage is that no taxi will take your luggage problem especially if you have a family . whereas if you use the tuk tuk instead of your luggage will be in your legs or even on your lap

The bus is also very present and even essential for large displacements in the country as well for a region to another one to cross the country. the bus trip is a very economical way for both the single family trip traveler. buses are not first-hand, so do not expect to have a bus with air conditioning controls in good condition or even speakers of the radio produce as clear a concert hall sound. their price is different between each bus company, but does not differ by more than $ 3 for the same trip between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. but beware because some company does not hesitate to have a more expensive fare for tourists, so just a hint the price is written on your ticket so soyer vigilant to avoid paying double. to keep you busy during your trip by bus companies their team bus TV where you can see the video film shows local comedy and of course enjoy the Cambodian landscape


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