Kratie province

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Kratie province

travel-povince-kratie-cambodiaKratie province is located in the east of Cambodia on the banks of the Mekong . Kratie province covers an area of ​​11,094 km ² and is divided into six districts.

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for your stay you will have no difficulty staying in a hotel or guesthouse . You can dine in different restaurant and taste the specialty market and Khmer

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during your stay in Kratie province you can visit many places including a place not to be missed and or many tourists come from afar to admire the Irrawaddy dolphins.
the Irrawaddy dolphins are an endangered species and extremely rare , it is currently estimated at 60 dolphin present in the stretch of river 15km from Kampi village.
the other site is also visited Phnom Sombok as a small temple located on a hill north of the city
Wat Roka Kandal is a restored on the riverfront pagoda , you ‘ll also find another side to these more modern pagoda where you can hear the singing of the monks
you can enjoy the scenery and relax on the river, but certainly not miss the sunset