Kampong Cham Cambodia

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Kampong Cham

visited-the-province-of-kampong-cham-cambodiaKampong Cham is located south-west of the country and shares the border with Vietnam. Kampong Cham province covers an area of ​​9799 km ² and is divided into 17 districts. it has 173 towns and 1758 villages. it is the most populous province of Cambodia with more than 1.6 million inhabitants. the peculiarity of the province of Kampong Cham is the color of the earth, the soil is mostly red, but is also one of the most fertile land.

accommodation and meals in Kampong Cham

you will have no problem for you as well stay in a hotel than a guesthouse. you will find many restaurants for your meals and of course you will also find the nouriture in the markets.

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visite Kampong Cham

regarding visits you can see a lot more of the landscape. principaus the activity of this region is the soybean, tobacco, rubber, and other tropical products grown in the province and exported.
you can also visit the crops that are produced by rubber plantations of rubber and learn how sap is collected which is then used for the manufacture of rubber
during your visit you will see the longest bridge over the Mekong linking the kizona north-east of the country to the city of Kampong Cham.
there is also the temple of Nokor Bachey the Han Chey, Phnom Pros and Phnom Srei really worth visiting and waterfall Horng or many Khmer like to go for a swim as well as make it a picnic between family or friends