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carrots in khmer cuisine

Carrots feature prominently in Khmer cuisine, bringing color, texture and flavor to traditional Cambodian dishes. In Khmer cuisine, carrots are often used in versatile ways, whether in stir-fries, soups, salads, or even noodle dishes.
One of the most common ways to use carrots in Khmer cuisine is to add them to stir-fries or stir-fries. They bring a pleasant sweetness and a crunchy texture to dishes. Carrots can be thinly sliced, julienned or diced, depending on the recipe. They are often combined with other vegetables, such as green beans, snow peas or cabbage, to create colorful and balanced dishes.
Cambodian soups, such as samla kari (curry soup) or somlor machu (sweet and sour soup), also include carrots in their composition. Carrots add a sweet note and a slightly crunchy texture to these savory soups. They are usually sliced or diced, then added to other vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices to create fragrant and comforting broths.
Carrots are also a key ingredient in Khmer salads. The famous green papaya salad, called bok l’hong, uses grated carrots in combination with green papaya to create a crisp and refreshing salad. Grated carrots add sweetness and color to this salad often spiced up with a balanced dressing, crushed peanuts and fresh herbs.
Finally, carrots are sometimes used in Cambodian noodle dishes, such as num banh chok (curried rice noodles) or mi cha (stir-fried noodles). They are usually cut into thin strips or julienne, then mixed with noodles and vegetables to create dishes rich in flavor and texture.
Whether adding color, sweetness or texture, carrots are a versatile and essential ingredient in Khmer cooking. They help create balanced and delicious dishes, while adding a touch of freshness to every bite. Discover the richness of Cambodian flavors by incorporating carrots into your recipes inspired by Khmer cuisine. Enjoy your food !


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