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Pepper in Khmer cuisine

Bell pepper plays an essential role in Khmer cuisine, bringing both bright flavors and vibrant colors to traditional dishes. In Cambodian cuisine, bell pepper is used in different ways to create tasty and balanced dishes.
One of the most common uses of capsicum in Khmer cuisine is in stir-fries and rempahs, which are spice and vegetable blends. Peppers, with their crunchy texture and slightly sweet taste, add freshness and color to these dishes. They are often combined with other ingredients such as chilli, garlic, ginger and lemongrass to create complex and balanced flavors.
Peppers are also used in Khmer soups and curries, where they provide a pleasant sweetness and interesting texture. Whether in a vegetable curry or in a spicy soup like samla kari, diced or stripped bell peppers add a touch of freshness and color to dishes.
Another common way to use peppers in Khmer cuisine is in salads. Cambodian salads, like the famous “nhoam”, are often prepared with fresh, crisp vegetables, including peppers. Bell peppers bring a lively and crunchy note to the salad, pair well with other vegetables like cucumbers and aromatic herbs, and add a splash of color to the whole dish.
Finally, peppers can also be stuffed with a variety of ingredients, such as ground meat, rice, and spices, to create flavorful and filling dishes. Stuffed peppers, baked or steamed, are often served with a spicy sauce to enhance flavors and add a touch of spice.
Overall, capsicum is a versatile and essential ingredient in Khmer cooking. Whether in stir fries, soups, salads or stuffed dishes, it adds color, freshness and delicious flavor to traditional Cambodian dishes. Feel free to discover the multiple ways to incorporate peppers into your Khmer cuisine and explore the unique flavors they bring to your dishes. Enjoy your food !


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