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zucchini in khmer cuisine

Zucchini, known as “chrouk chou” in Khmer, is a versatile vegetable that takes pride of place in Cambodian cuisine. This tender and delicate vegetable is used in a variety of ways to add a subtle flavor and pleasant texture to many traditional Khmer dishes.
One of the most common preparations of zucchini in Khmer cuisine is “samlor chrouk chou”. It is a thick soup or stew made with zucchini, meat (usually pork or chicken), fresh herbs and spices. Zucchini slices are added to the soup and simmer slowly, absorbing the flavors of the other ingredients. The result is a comforting dish, balanced and full of aromatic notes.
Zucchini is also often used in Khmer stir fries, known as “char”. Zucchini slices are quickly sautéed with other vegetables, meat, or seafood, along with traditional spices and sauces such as fermented shrimp paste, fish sauce, and soy sauce. This mixture of flavors creates Khmer dishes rich in taste and varied textures.
In addition to soups and stir-fries, zucchini can be used in fresh and crisp Khmer salads. It is often julienned or grated, then mixed with other vegetables, aromatic herbs, lime juice and fish sauce. This adds freshness and lightness to salads, providing a crunchy texture and subtle sweetness.
Finally, zucchini can also be stuffed in Khmer cuisine. They are hollowed out and filled with a mixture of minced meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. The stuffed zucchini is then baked or steamed, allowing the flavors to meld and create a flavorful and filling dish.
Whether in soups, stir-fries, salads or stuffed dishes, zucchini adds a touch of freshness and lightness to Khmer cuisine. Its versatility makes it a popular ingredient for Cambodian chefs and lovers of traditional cuisine. So, let yourself be tempted by the delights of Khmer cuisine and discover the wonderful flavors that zucchini can bring to your dishes.


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