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Fish curry with coconut milk

Fish curry with coconut milk

Fish curry with coconut milk is an exotic and fragrant dish that instantly transports us to the fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Asia. This recipe, easy to prepare, is a real invitation to a culinary journey.

To make this delicious dish, you will need white fish, coconut milk, cherry tomatoes, fresh ginger, korma curry, vegetable oil, nuoc-mâm, onion, fresh coriander , brown sugar and lime juice. All these ingredients combined together create an explosion of flavors in the mouth that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Preparation is quick and easy. Start by cutting the fish into large chunks, then fry the onions in oil. Add the fresh ginger, fish and cherry tomatoes, and cook for 5 minutes. Then add the curry korma and coconut milk, and simmer for 15 minutes. Do not forget to add a tablespoon of nuoc-mâm, brown sugar and lime juice to complete the whole.

For presentation, decorate the dish with fresh coriander leaves, then serve hot with Cambodian rice to complete the culinary journey.

Fish curry with coconut milk is a dish that will delight your taste buds and those of your guests. Its delicate and spicy flavor, combined with the sweetness of coconut milk, makes it a perfect dish for a convivial evening with friends or family. So do not hesitate to try it now and let yourself be transported to new exotic flavors.

Recipe Fish curry for 4 people

• 400 g of white fish of your choice
• 200ml coconut milk
• 1 dozen cherry tomatoes cut in half
• 1 C. teaspoon ground fresh ginger
• 1 lime
• 1 C. tablespoon curry korma
• 3 tbsp. vegetable oil
• 1 C. nuoc mam soup
• 1 chopped onion
• 6 sprigs of fresh coriander
• 1 good tbsp. brown sugar


Cut the white fish of your choice into large chunks.
Preferably in a wok, heat the oil, brown the onions. Add the ginger, then
the pieces of monkfish and the cherry tomatoes cut in half.
Let cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Add the korma curry. Mix well, then add the coconut milk, mix well and lower the heat.
Let cook for 15 minutes.
Add a tablespoon of nuoc-mâm (you can add more, but beware of overdosing), the sugar and the lime juice, a few coriander leaves and mix well.
Decorate with coriander leaves, then serve hot with Cambodian rice.

Fish curry with coconut milk

There you go, your fish curry with coconut milk is now ready to be tasted! We hope that this recipe has transported you to new culinary horizons and that you have enjoyed this delicious exotic dish.

Remember that this recipe can be adapted according to your tastes and preferences. For example, you can add seasonal vegetables for an extra touch of freshness, or vary the spices according to your desire.

This dish of fish curry with coconut milk is both healthy and a real pleasure for the taste buds for adults and children alike. For the realization of this recipe, the fish used is monkfish tail.

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