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Turnip in Khmer cuisine

Turnip is a versatile vegetable widely used in Khmer cuisine, adding a unique flavor and pleasant texture to many traditional Cambodian dishes. In Khmer cuisine, turnip is valued for its ability to absorb the aromas of spices and sauces, making it an essential ingredient for creating dishes rich in flavor.
One of the most emblematic dishes of Khmer cuisine in which turnip is found is “Somlar Machu Kreung”, a sweet and sour and spicy soup. In this soup, the turnip is cut into thin slices and added to a fragrant broth, alongside other vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and aromatic herbs. The turnip brings a crisp texture and light sweetness to the soup, perfectly balancing the intense flavors.
Turnip is also used in the preparation of stir-fry dishes and Khmer curries. It can be finely diced and added to vegetable stir-fries with meats or seafood, providing a delicious texture and a slight sweet note. In Khmer curries, the turnip is often cut into thick slices and simmered in a spice-rich sauce, allowing it to soak up the flavors and become tender and savory.
In addition to its use in hot dishes, turnip is also present in Khmer salads. It is grated or julienned, then tossed with other vegetables, fresh herbs, peanuts, and a tangy dressing. This turnip salad brings crisp freshness and a slight bitterness, balancing out the other bright flavors present in Khmer cuisine.
Whether in soups, stir-fries, curries or salads, turnip is a versatile ingredient that adds a special touch to Khmer cuisine. Its crunchy texture and its ability to absorb flavors make it an essential element for creating balanced and delicious dishes. On your next Khmer culinary experience, be sure to discover the taste wonders turnips can offer!


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