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cloves in khmer cuisine

In Khmer cuisine, cloves occupy an important place as an aromatic and medicinal spice. Their warm, sweet and slightly peppery flavor adds a unique dimension to traditional Cambodian dishes.
Cloves are often used in Khmer spice blends, such as Kroeung, an aromatic paste made from different herbs and spices. Kroeung is an essential part of many iconic Cambodian dishes, such as Amok (a steamed fish curry), Samlor Kako (a sweet and sour soup) and Lok Lak (a stir-fried beef dish).
Cloves are also used to flavor broths, marinades and Khmer sauces. They add a depth of flavor to meat dishes, such as Sach Ko Ang (marinated and grilled beef) and Bai Sach Chrouk (grilled marinated pork).
In Khmer desserts, cloves are often used to flavor compotes, tapioca puddings and hot drinks. They bring a spicy and comforting note to sweet dishes, creating a delicious balance with other ingredients such as palm sugar and coconut.
In addition to their culinary use, cloves are also valued for their medicinal properties in traditional Khmer medicine. They are often used to relieve stomach aches, dental pain and digestive disorders.
In sum, cloves occupy a prominent place in Khmer cuisine, adding a unique and aromatic flavor to traditional dishes. Their versatile use in spice blends, marinades, stocks and desserts speaks to their cultural and culinary significance in Cambodia.


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