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coriander in khmer cuisine

Coriander takes center stage in Khmer cuisine, bringing a distinctive freshness and flavor to traditional Cambodian dishes. Khmer chefs skillfully use this aromatic herb to create balanced dishes that are rich in flavor and texture.
In Khmer cuisine, coriander is often used generously to enhance the freshness of salads and soups. Fresh coriander leaves, finely chopped, are added to green papaya, cucumber or beef salads to give them a herbaceous and lemony note. They also bring a vibrant splash of color to dishes.
Coriander is also used in traditional soups like “samla kari” (curry soup) and “samla chapek” (sweet and sour soup). Fresh leaves are added at the end of cooking to preserve their aroma and freshness. Ground coriander, from the dried seeds, is used as a spice in Khmer curries, imparting a unique, slightly spicy flavor to dishes.
Coriander is also a key ingredient in Khmer herb and spice blends, such as “kroeung”. Kroeung is an aromatic paste used as a base for many Khmer dishes, and it is made from fresh herbs, including coriander, combined with spices such as galangal, lemongrass and garlic. This combination creates an explosion of flavors characteristic of Khmer cuisine.
In addition to its use in hot dishes, coriander is also used in Khmer dipping sauces, such as the famous “prahok k’tis”. This sauce made from fermented fish is mixed with fresh coriander, garlic, chilli and lime juice to create a tangy and aromatic sauce, served with fresh vegetables or grilled meats.
Whether it is to add a touch of freshness to salads, a herbaceous note to soups or an exquisite flavor to Khmer dishes, coriander is an essential herb in Khmer cuisine. Its versatility and unique taste make it an essential ingredient for Cambodian cuisine lovers looking for an authentic and tasty taste experience.


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