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kaffir lime in khmer cuisine

The kaffir lime, known as “m’ruoi” in Khmer, occupies a prominent place in traditional Khmer cuisine. Its leaves and rinds are used to add a lemony flavor and distinctive aroma to Khmer dishes, giving them an exotic and refreshing touch.
In Khmer cuisine, kaffir lime leaves are often used in soups, curries, and sauces. They are usually added whole or torn into pieces to release their intense flavor. The leaves are added at the start of cooking and infuse slowly to enrich the dish with their unique aroma.
Kaffir lemon zest is also very popular in Khmer cuisine. They are used to flavor marinades, salad dressings and sauces. The zests are finely grated and added to the preparations to bring a lively and lemony flavor. Their use balances flavors and adds a fresh note to Khmer dishes.
Popular dishes in Khmer cuisine that benefit from the use of kaffir lime include “samlor machu kroeung” (a sweet and sour soup with vegetables and herbs), “amok” (a steamed fish curry in a banana leaf) and “lok lak” (a dish of sautéed beef with vegetables).
In addition to its taste qualities, the kaffir lime is also appreciated for its refreshing and digestive properties in Khmer cuisine. Its tangy taste blends harmoniously with the spices and herbs used in Khmer cuisine, creating balanced and delicious dishes.
Whether you want to prepare an authentic Khmer dish or experiment with new recipes, the addition of kaffir lime will bring a unique and exotic flavor to your culinary creations. Let yourself be inspired by Khmer cuisine and discover the magic of kaffir lime on your plates.


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