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Kampot pepper in Khmer cuisine

Kampot pepper holds a special place in Khmer cuisine, adding a dimension of unique flavor and aroma to traditional Cambodian dishes. Its use reveals the culinary identity of the Kampot region and its gastronomic heritage.
In Khmer cuisine, Kampot pepper is considered an essential ingredient to enhance dishes with subtlety and finesse. Its complex, spicy and slightly floral taste goes perfectly with traditional ingredients such as lime, lemongrass, galangal and coriander.
One of the signature dishes showcasing Kampot pepper is the famous “Lap Khmer”, a salad of minced beef marinated in a sauce made with Kampot pepper, lime juice, shallots and coriander. The freshness of the ingredients blends with the subtle heat of the pepper, creating an explosion of flavors in the mouth.
Kampot pepper is also used to flavor stews such as “Samlor Korko”, a traditional Cambodian stew made with vegetables, meat and spices. Its unique aroma brings a depth of flavor to this comforting dish and reveals all its taste richness.
Seafood, abundant in the coastal regions of Cambodia, is also sublimated by the addition of Kampot pepper. Shrimps, crab or even fish are often accompanied by a Kampot pepper sauce, enhancing their natural taste and giving them a delicate spicy note.
Beyond savory dishes, Kampot pepper is also used in certain sweet preparations in Khmer cuisine. For example, it can be sprinkled on fresh fruits such as mango or pineapple, providing a touch of spiciness that contrasts with their natural sweetness.
For Khmer cuisine lovers or those who wish to discover new flavors, the use of Kampot pepper is an invitation to an authentic culinary journey. Its harmonious marriage with local ingredients creates balanced and delicious dishes that reflect the diversity and richness of Cambodian cuisine.
Whether you are enjoying an “Amok”, a fish curry flavored with coconut milk and Kampot pepper, or feasting on a simple “Bai Sach Chrouk” with grilled pork seasoned with pepper, the addition of this exceptional spice will transform your culinary experience into a real taste adventure.
Feel free to experiment with Kampot pepper in your kitchen and let its bewitching aroma transport you to the unique flavors of Cambodia.


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