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culture of Kampot pepper

located thirty kilometers of Vietnam , Kampot is a quiet little town. on the market you will find a spice that made him famous throughout the country “pepper.”
the surrounding landscape is characterized by fields pepper recognizable bush while their height, unique and extraordinarily powerful aroma of Kampot pepper makes a popular spice.

the high quality of berries of Kampot pepper cultivation is carried out by the operators as some family where the Kampot pepper for generations. are harvested ears of Kampot pepper starts when mature and take on a golden color, the beans are then sorted by hand to selected and kept only the finest grains.

culture of Kampot peppers

for the culture of Kampot pepper when not properly fixed stems, they grow in the wrong direction, then they are directed green up tying them on the post with links. when they start to grow through hands were a little above link to it again pushes vertically until they arrive at the end of the stake.

for the culture of Kampot pepper is harvested pepper three to four times a year, we always start with the best quality windows, three to four days to collect its necessary a row of pepper.

Kampot pepper cultivation requires a lot of work and is not as profitable to grow rice or vegetables of Cambodia. to keep their heads above water to farmers assistance in congregate in cooperative.

the climate of the Kampot region and its mineral-rich clay soil are ideal for growing Kampot pepper, its unique aroma has notes of eucalyptus and mint. Kampot pepper is considered one of the best in the world.


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