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lemongrass in Khmer cuisine

Khmer cuisine, originating in Cambodia, is renowned for its bold flavors and abundant use of aromatic herbs and spices. Among these essential ingredients, lemongrass occupies a prominent place. With its distinctive lemony scent, it brings a touch of freshness and elegance to Khmer dishes.
Lemongrass is used in different ways in Khmer cuisine. First, it is often used as a seasoning in broths and curries. Lemongrass stalks are crushed to release their aromas and then added to dishes as they cook, giving them a subtly lemony flavor. It goes particularly well with coconut milk, spices such as ginger and turmeric, as well as seafood and poultry meat.
In addition to its use in casseroles, lemongrass is also used to marinate meat and seafood. Sliced lemongrass stalks are mixed with other ingredients such as garlic, chilli, fish sauce and sugar, creating a fragrant and delicious marinade. This marinade adds an intense flavor to grilled meat or seafood, giving them a fresh and tangy note.
Lemongrass is also present in many Khmer sauces and condiments. For example, prahok, a popular fermented fish paste, is often made with lemongrass to add complexity to its distinctive flavor. Similarly, tuk meric, a peppery sauce made with black pepper and lemongrass, is often served with grilled meat dishes to enhance their taste.
Finally, lemongrass is also used to prepare refreshing drinks in Cambodia. Lemongrass infusions, hot or cold, are popular for their soothing scent and revitalizing properties. It can also be found in exotic cocktails, where it adds a fresh and zesty note.
In sum, lemongrass plays an essential role in Khmer cuisine, bringing vibrant flavors and a subtle lemony dimension to a wide variety of dishes. Its versatile use and its ability to combine with other ingredients make it an essential ingredient to discover the delights of Cambodian gastronomy.


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