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palm sugar in Khmer cuisine

Palm sugar is an essential and emblematic ingredient of Khmer cuisine. Used for centuries, it brings a natural sweetness and unique flavor to many Cambodian dishes. Palm sugar is extracted from the sap of sugar palm trees, also called date palms, which grow abundantly in Cambodia.

In Khmer cuisine, palm sugar is used in various ways to enhance traditional dishes. First, it is often incorporated into savory dishes to balance flavors and add a subtle sweet touch. For example, it is common to find it in sweet and sour sauces, meat and seafood marinades, and spicy soups.

Also, palm sugar is a key ingredient in the preparation of many delicious Cambodian desserts. It is used to sweeten glutinous rice preparations, such as the famous “Kralan” dessert, which is a steamed rice cake in bamboo tubes. Palm sugar is also used in traditional confections, sweet rice cakes and flavored coconut puddings.

In addition to its role as a sweetener, palm sugar also contributes to the coloring of Khmer dishes. Its amber tint gives a beautiful golden color to culinary preparations, thus adding an attractive visual dimension.

The popularity of palm sugar in Khmer cuisine lies in its natural nature and health benefits. Unlike refined white sugar, palm sugar retains essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It’s also known to have a lower glycemic index than regular sugar, making it a healthier choice for those concerned about their blood sugar.

In conclusion, palm sugar takes center stage in Cambodian cuisine, adding a delicate sweetness and warm color to many dishes. Its versatile use in savory and sweet dishes makes it a valuable ingredient for Khmer chefs and lovers of Cambodian cuisine, thus preserving the culinary richness and authenticity of this thousand-year-old culture.


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