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parsley in khmer cuisine

Parsley, although native to the Mediterranean region, has found its way into Khmer cuisine, bringing a touch of freshness and aromatic flavor to traditional Cambodian dishes. In Khmer cuisine, parsley is mainly used as an aromatic herb to enhance flavors and bring a vibrant splash of color to dishes.
One of the common uses of parsley in Khmer cuisine is in salads and noodles. Fresh parsley leaves are finely chopped and mixed with other aromatic herbs such as coriander and mint, creating a combination of fresh and invigorating flavors. This combination is often used to garnish rice vermicelli salads, green papaya salads and stir-fried rice noodles, adding an extra dimension of taste and texture to dishes.
Parsley is also used as an ingredient in Khmer soups and broths. Parsley leaves are added to meat or vegetable broths during cooking, releasing their fragrant aroma and imparting a subtle flavor to the soup. Whether in the famous “samlor machu trey” fish-based soup or in vegetable soups, parsley adds a refreshing herbaceous note to these comforting dishes.
Additionally, parsley is sometimes used as a garnish for Khmer main dishes. Whether over grilled fish, sautéed pork or fried chicken, a few fresh parsley leaves sprinkled on top add a splash of color and freshness to these savory dishes. Parsley is also used to decorate seafood platters and vegetable dishes, adding a pleasing aesthetic to the presentation of Khmer dishes.
Overall, parsley plays a vital role in Khmer cuisine by adding a delicate herbal flavor and a splash of color to traditional dishes. Its use is often combined with other aromatic herbs, creating a fragrant and balanced combination. Whether in salads, soups or main dishes, parsley brings a fresh and invigorating note to Khmer cuisine, delighting the taste buds and eyes of diners.


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