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spring onion in khmer cuisine

Spring onions, or “slok ngor” in Khmer, occupy a privileged place in the traditional cuisine of Cambodia. Its delicate taste and subtle aroma add a characteristic flavor to Khmer dishes, giving them a fresh and fragrant touch.
Spring onions are used in different ways in Khmer cuisine. It is often used as a base ingredient in sauces, marinades and soups. Its thin, crunchy stems are minced and added to stir-fry dishes, giving them a pleasant texture and a subtle onion note.
An emblematic dish where spring onions are widely present is “lok lak”. This famous Cambodian dish consists of pieces of beef sautéed with vegetables and spices. Spring onions are generously used to add a fresh, slightly tangy flavor to the dish, as well as a splash of bright green color.
Spring onions are also used in the preparation of salads and noodle dishes. It is often combined with other aromatic herbs such as coriander and mint to create complex and balanced flavor blends.
In Khmer cuisine, spring onions are valued for their versatility. It can be used raw to bring an intense freshness to a salad or be lightly cooked to soften its flavor and integrate harmoniously with other ingredients.
The use of spring onion in Khmer cuisine testifies to the importance of herbs and aromatics in this cuisine rich in flavors. Spring onions add a unique taste dimension to Cambodian dishes, giving them a fresh aromatic note and balancing the flavors of other ingredients.
Whether in a fragrant curry, comforting soup, or stir-fry, spring onions are an essential ingredient that lends a distinct identity to Khmer cuisine. Its skilful use in traditional Cambodian dishes contributes to the richness and diversity of this cuisine which delights the taste buds of lovers of exotic flavors.
Explore Khmer cuisine by incorporating spring onion into your recipes and discover how this aromatic herb can transform your dishes into unique and delicious culinary creations.


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