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Siem Reap la douceur envoûtante d'une ville aux mille visages


Siem Reap the captivating sweetness of a city with a thousand faces

Dear budding travelers, apart from the majestic temples that dot this sacred land, I invite you to an enchanted parenthesis in the heart of my beloved city. Let me guide you through a day full of flavors and discoveries, where past and present intertwine elegantly.

Our journey will begin at the bustling market, the Psa Leu, a true symphony of colors and noises that awakens all the senses. Let’s immerse ourselves in this shimmering universe, where the captivating scents will awaken our taste buds and infuse an authentic flavor into the Cambodian cuisine that awaits us.

Once this invigorating experience is over, I will invite you to explore some of the most remarkable pagodas, like spiritual gems nestled in the heart of Siem Reap. At Vat Preah Enkosei, dare to entrust your destiny to a renowned monk, revealing the secrets of your birth. Social, romantic, family… let the sails of the future rise before you.

Our exploration will continue at the Vat Bo pagoda, the vibrant heart of Siem Reap, the captivating sweetness of a city with a thousand faces. Here, spirituality permeates the daily lives of the inhabitants, 95% of them professing Buddhism. However, animism also weaves its web, mixing divinities and urban realities in a mystical dance.

Our journey will stop at the Apopo Mine Clearance Center, a place where resilience takes shape in the guise of heroic rats. You will discover how these rodents are trained to defuse the stigma still present from past conflicts. The after-effects of the mines which have marked the history of Cambodia find a vibrant echo here.

In apotheosis, we will contemplate the sunset on the banks of the Western Baray, tasting the freshness of a freshly picked coconut. This complete adventure, including transport, guide, refreshments and the wonder of the Apopo center in Siem Reap, the captivating sweetness of a city with a thousand faces, is offered at the rate of $95 for two souls eager for discovery. If the itinerary excludes the Apopo center, this experience remains within reach for $75, valid for a group of 2 to 4 explorers.

Siem Reap: A Sensory Odyssey at the Heart of Authenticity

This tour This price includes guide, transport, fresh water, coconut, visit to the center of Apopo.

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