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chilli in khmer cuisine

The “Bird’s Tongue” chilli occupies a prominent place in the traditional cuisine of Cambodia, also known as Khmer cuisine. Its spicy taste and fruity flavor enhance many typical dishes of the region.
In Khmer cuisine, the “Bird’s Tongue” pepper is used to bring a touch of heat and intensity to dishes. It is often added to sauces, soups, marinades and stir-fries. Its tangy flavor brings out the flavors of the main ingredients and adds a spicy dimension to every bite.
An emblematic dish of Khmer cuisine where we often find the “Bird’s Tongue” pepper is the famous “Amok”. It is a fish or chicken curry steamed in a banana leaf, with a sauce made from coconut milk, aromatic herbs and spices. The “Langue d’oiseau” pepper is used to give this dish a spicy and fragrant note, balanced with the sweetness of the coconut milk.
“Lap Khmer” is another Cambodian dish where the “Bird’s Tongue” pepper is often present. It is a salad of minced meat seasoned with lemon juice, fresh mint, shallots and of course, peppers. The “Bird’s Tongue” pepper adds a lively spiciness to this salad, creating a contrast of flavors that awakens the taste buds.
Hot sauces are also common in Khmer cuisine, and the “Bird’s Tongue” chilli is often used to prepare these spicy condiments. Whether it’s to accompany fried noodles, grilled meat or spring rolls, the spicy sauces made with “Bird’s Tongue” add a spicy kick to Cambodian dishes.
It should be mentioned that Khmer cuisine uses the “Bird’s Tongue” chilli sparingly, as its spiciness can be very intense. Cambodian chefs know how to precisely dose the amount of chilli to balance the flavors without overpowering the other ingredients.
As you explore Khmer cuisine, you’ll discover that the “Bird’s Tongue” chilli is an essential ingredient to bring vibrant heat and spicy taste to traditional Cambodian dishes. Whether you are a thrill seeker or prefer a milder flavor, feel free to experiment with this unique chili and add it to your recipes for an authentic culinary experience of Khmer cuisine.


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