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The onion plays an essential role in Khmer cuisine, bringing flavor and depth to many traditional Cambodian dishes. Its spicy and slightly sweet taste is appreciated to enhance culinary preparations, giving them a distinctive aromatic note.
In Khmer cuisine, onion is usually used as a base ingredient in many recipes. It is often finely chopped and added to curries, soups, stir-fries and sauces to enhance their taste. Onions are frequently combined with other ingredients such as garlic, ginger, lemongrass and local spices, creating unique and authentic flavor combinations.
Onion is also used in the preparation of Cambodian curry paste, called “kroeung”. This paste, prepared by mixing different fresh and aromatic ingredients such as onion, garlic, lemongrass and spices, is used as the base for many Khmer dishes, including the famous amok, a steamed fish curry in banana leaves.
Another popular dish in Khmer cuisine that showcases onion is “lok lak”. It is a dish of sautéed meat, usually beef, marinated in a sauce made from fish sauce, lime, palm sugar and chopped onion. The onion contributes to the marinade’s balanced flavor, which permeates the meat and gives it a tender, savory texture.
Apart from adding flavor to dishes, onion is also valued for its crunchy texture when used raw in Cambodian salads. A typical salad such as “nom banh chok” often includes sliced onions, fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs and lime sauce. The onion adds a crunchy note and a slight spiciness, thus balancing the other ingredients and providing a pleasant freshness.
In conclusion, onion in Khmer cuisine is a versatile ingredient that brings flavor and texture to many traditional Cambodian dishes. Whether sautéed, cooked in a curry or used raw in salads, the onion is an indispensable ingredient in creating deliciously fragrant and authentic Khmer dishes. Its skilful use makes it possible to explore the unique flavors of Cambodian cuisine and delight the taste buds of lovers of exotic cuisine.


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