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Exploring the Temples of Angkor". Immerse yourself in the timeless splendor of these majestic temples in two days of discovery.


Koh Ker Temple Visit : A Historical Marvel Adventure


At the heart of Cambodia‘s architectural marvels is the temple of Koh Ker , an unsung but fascinating gem of history and ancient art. Let’s discover this hidden treasure in the middle of the lush jungle. Our full-day adventure will take you through mystical remains and majestic monuments, providing an experience that will forever mark your spirit.

Koh Ker Temple Visit in a Memorable Day

In the morning, our trip begins with a departure from the hotel to reach the enchanting site of Koh Ker. Although the journey may take around two hours, the prospect of what awaits us when we arrive makes every minute of the journey exciting and full of anticipation.

Once on the site, the purchase of the entrance ticket (at a cost of $15 per person) opens the doors to an ancient world filled with stories and mysteries. Our carefully planned itinerary will guide us through a series of architectural treasures:

– Prasat Pram: We begin our exploration by discovering the five brick towers of Prasat Pram, each tower telling a unique story of the time.

– Prasat Thom: An imposing sandstone pyramid, Prasat Thom, reminds us of the grandeur and complexity of ancient Khmer architecture.

After letting our minds soak up the history, a lunch break at a local restaurant is scheduled. It’s an opportunity to regain energy while savoring the authentic cuisine of the region.

In the afternoon, our adventure continues through the iconic ruins of Koh Ker:

– Prasat Linga I and II: These delicately carved structures transport us to the religious universe of the ancient Khmer civilization.

– Prasat Chrab: The elegance of Prasat Chrab testifies to the artistic and architectural creativity of the time.

– Prasat Damrei: Our journey reaches its climax with the majestic Prasat Damrei, leaving us with a deep admiration for the talents of artisans of the past.

The day ends with a return to the hotel around 6 p.m., our hearts and minds enriched by the silent tales of the ancient stones.

Personalized Experience, Guaranteed Comfort

To provide you with an unforgettable experience, our program includes a passionate French-speaking guide and a comfortable minibus for your group, ranging from one to eight people. The price for this unforgettable adventure is $150 per person.

Join us for a day of discovery, wonder and cultural enrichment at Koh Ker Temple. Together, we will unlock the secrets of this bygone era and let ourselves be inspired by the creative genius of our ancestors.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to travel through time and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book now and prepare to be amazed!


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